Test-shoot Conditions

A test shoot with an approved Browning Dealer Partner is the best way of getting familiar with your future purchase. To help you get the most out of this opportunity, below is a brief explanation of the test shoot that you can do at our official shooting grounds.

Before the free session

The only thing you need is your hunting license or shooting license. No insurance or deposit is required. The test is free of charge. You are provided cartridges. A limited quantity will be determine by the shooting ground.

Details of the test shoot

The test shoot will be run by a professional shooter, who will first introduce you to the gun and give you some time to check it out. Do not be surprised if the options and finishes on the gun are not exactly as you expected: A brand cannot provide every combination of options for a test shoot. However, where possible, the model and calibre will be as requested. You may be shown other models that match your wishes more closely, but which are not available for testing.

The actual test shoot will last 20 to 30 minutes, subject to the availability of the professional shooters. Exercise caution. The shooting professional will be more likely to take a back seat so that you get more out of the session and can test-shoot the gun how you want, if you are responsible and considerate. So please take notice of his advice given, who is familiar with the gun.

The aim of the test is to let you shoot cartridges for shotguns barrels. The cartridges are provided free of charge.

Only one test shoot per customer per gun model.

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